Sunday, January 27, 2008


Posted this to the Editor in Chief of the National Post of Canada, regarding this post.

I am astounded and dismayed to read such a false post on your paper. Was it slow for subscriptions? Did you need to post something sensational to boost sales? What reason could you possibly have to allow such an unfounded story to be posted? Why on this green earth would you want to have tensions between America and Canada escalated? What possibly possessed your writer to post something that is so completely NOT based in fact?

My family is from the South. Not just "the" South but the DEEP SOUTH. My family is in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. You can't get much more Southern than my family is...and I can guarantee you, Dear Sir, this is NOT a valid article. The comments in it are nothing but pure sensationalistic journalism and it is a DISGRACE to you and your publication that you allowed such a slanderous and unfounded article to be posted.

Admittedly, this could be a yellow rag for all I know - but that post put my back up like you would not believe.