Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Matralinial progression

So, I don't know how many have ever given consideration to Matralinial family trees; but, let me just be really clear about this...

Given how patriarchal record keeping tends to be - it's a bear to actually track these women down.

For instance...prior to 1840, only the head of the household's name mattered. Records indicating the woman's maiden name are few and far between - and often the woman is rarely regarded as being worth mentioning except in passing.

And the older census don't even bother to show the names of the people in the house - just a 5 year age block and if they are male/female.

Right now, I am trying desperately to find Elizabeth Parker's parents.

So, right now it goes (in reverse order):

i. Grandma
ii. Lydia Carol Ellison
iii. Mary Francis 'Fannie' Wynne
iv. Caroline Elizabeth Kerr
v. Elizabeth Parker

Fun times, eh?

Dad's mom's side is just as frustrating:

i. Granma
ii. Dora Catherine Bushue
iii. Anna May Donnelly
iv. Margaret Laughlin (b. 1826 Ireland m. William Donnelly)

Dad's side of the family hates me. I know it *sniffles and pouts*