Thursday, June 28, 2007

No Hippy and His Boatload of Animal Friends - Yet

Just to let my friends who are not in the area know...

No, I'm not getting flooded out. I live fairly close to downtown Austin, and am not in a floodplain.

We are expecting another heavy storm today, yes. And there have been lives lost. We do expect to have another week's worth of rain least. However, for the time being, myself and my pups are doing just fine. I have never been more happy for that Jeep than I was this morning, though. Hit a bridge on my way in to work that had a good 8 inches of water over it. My previous car rode so low that that would have been....interesting. The Jeep just moved right on through.

Interestingly surreal moment of the day:

Walk out the door and stay in my perpetual state of oblivion that lasts until at least my second cup of coffee. Yawn. Stumble into the Jeep and head for the main road. Yawn and stretch. Turn onto main road. Drive three feet and *blam* hit a solid sheet of water. My brain stuttered and sputtered and groggily took notice that I had just driven from a perfectly dry, clear spot to a torrential downpour - in less than half a city block.

I battle my way in to work...and about a block or so before work...the rain lets up. Totally dry ground. I look up and notice the oddest looking scene. Stormy, dark clouds billowing all around - except for one area that looks like someone took their fist and punched a hole in the sky. Solid, clear, blue sky above my work. Maybe quarter to a half block in diameter.

So I managed to get from my front door of my house to my desk at work - walking through open areas, not sheltered - with nary a drop of rain touching my person.

Makes the mind boggle.

Knitting wise, it's the girl's meeting tonight at Borders. I find myself wondering if it's going to happen. I'm also worried about the ones further north. Here's hoping for them and praying for them.

I'm starting my second skein of yarn on the Everyday Tweed sweater. I believe I am really going to like this when it is finished. Ironically, I'm using yarn that I will never be able to get my hands on again. Thankfully, I should have enough to keep "patch" amounts after it's completed.

I have, indeed, started the second of my three Jaywalker socks. I really am not focusing on it too much. I don't care when they get done and I'm enjoying the absolute mindlessness of the sweater. Knit - knit - knit. Knitting stockinette in the round has got to be the most mindless process in existence. It's wonderful for just chillaxing.

Edit: For those of you curious ... a friend of mine did a post with a few photos of the wet stuff: