Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy puppies!

Just had to share - two of my "babies" having a good time while I knit and play with friends.

And, just what am I working on, you ask? The Mystery Stole 3. I'm working it in black alpaca fino with dark, dark blue beads. I'm not sure I am happy with the colour combination - but I'm far enough along now that I'm letting it go and we'll see what we see. *grins*

I also just found out that my favorite cousin is getting ready to have an addition to his family. This puts me into a frenzy of digging through baby patterns. Hey, I have none of my own to knit for, so I gotta have my fun somewhere, right? *chuckles* I think I've found the layette set I want to make. Now it's just getting the yarn and getting started. I'm looking forward to it.