Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Day in the Life

There really is not a whole lot going on in my life, right now, outside of the norm.

Get up
play with the dogs
scramble to get ready
crate the dogs
ignore the whining and howling of the dogs getting used to being crated
scoot out the door
battle through traffic*
stumble in the door to work
sit down
get up
stumble out the door to home
play with the dogs
eat (if I remember)
toss a load in the washer
log in to WoW and play
afk to change clothes to drier (play with dogs on the way)
play some more
read some email while playing
watch a movie while playing
realize it's bed time
run the dogs outside and ride herd on them until they've clearly done their business
pile into bed
pass out


Yeah, my days are getting horribly predictable.

Well, except for the occassional curveball I throw myself - like running up to Brownwood cuz I can. Or hightailing it to Anaheim. Or visiting with my son. Or going to the coast for a weekend. Or highjacking a friend and going to the park and watching her dogs and mine terrorize everyone in the vacinity.


For the most part...yeah...I have my ritualistic, little scenario that I go through every day.

It's almost comforting.

While I would like to have a relationship...would like to have someone to come home to and share my life with....


I'm comfy as I am, as well.

I like me. I like my days. I love my dogs and love it when my son drops by to visit.

I get to spend time with real life friends who are nowhere near me any longer. I get to entertain myself for hours on end for much less than it would cost me to do many other things (and cost is a huge issue right now)...and, overall, it's a quiet, enjoyable way to blow an evening.

*I knit while on my way to work. Pull up to a red light - out comes the knitting. It turns green, down goes the knitting. I get a surprising amount of knitting done in the scant 8 miles it takes to get from my door to the parking garage at work. Let's not forget all the time eating dirt in my games waiting for life to be restored to my mutilated corpse....that's premium knitting time, my friend!