Friday, September 15, 2006

My Friend Cracks Me Up

I have a gal pal who totally doesn't knit, but loves what I do and has recently asked me to make her a pair of socks (waiting on the yarn at this point).

About a year ago, I was sipping on some wine while knitting a baby blanket. The following morning I had proof that I was rather intoxicated even though I hadn't thought so. Kate was highly amused at the proof of the saying I had told her the night before while laughing..."Friends don't let friends knit drunk."

I had a conversation with her tonight that made me laugh:

Me: got to figure out how I want to do this sock
Kate: yay socks :-)
Me: wrote out the pattern. Now, to see if it will work
Kate: You should start a friday night knitters club
Kate: I was going to say, "You could all drink!" but then I remembered drinking & knitting do not mix

The pattern I'm referring to is a modified Lover's Vine. I'm going cuff down this time, and will be doing arch shaping (if it works right)...this could be a really nice sock...if it turns out. *laughs*