Friday, September 15, 2006

Comment to the Yarn Harlot

In reading the Yarn Harlot's blog today, I was stunned by a couple of things:

a) the photo of her shawl with the morning glories...I can so see this being my computer background for a while.

b) The idea of 300 knitters. In one place. Amazing. Makes me thinke we need a shirt made up like the old magazines used to do for the kids...where they'd hide images inside others....have knitters hidden inside various elements of an every day scene, where you really have to look to see them...have them /everywhere/ and have the caption say "We are everywhere"

c) I am completely loving the geurnsey she's making. I can't wait to see it completed! Putting me of the mind to actually finish spinning this 7 pounds of BFL and make one with it. I haven't spun in way too long. *hangs head in shame* I even have some ideas for patterning. Who knows, I might actually plan this pattern out before I begin instead of doing it on the fly. What's the world coming to. But, when the guy I'd be making it for is 6'2" and roughly 270 pounds...I really don't want to make it only to have to rip it all out and start over!

d) Socks have kinda been holding me hostage...they do have a bit more advantage in the pointy bits over your standard circular/straight knitting. Makes one pay a wee bit more attention when they get aggressive like this, you understand.

Speaking of which, I had to rip out the Lover's Vine socks. **sobs** I turned the heel poorly, which should have been indicative of the fact that this was not meant to be in the fashion in which I was attempting to force it to be. The pattern started shifting and wiggling and basically giving me the sock version of "the finger". Alas, I caved in to the inevitable and sent the sock to the frog pond. Now, to decide if I'm going to go back with this particular yarn to make the pattern, or if I am going to use the only two skeins of Lover's Leap that I have and make a shawl...I think I can make the Flower Basket shawl with the (almost) 800 yards of Socks That Rock.