Tuesday, September 19, 2006

For my own memory - Barking Ordinance

Barking ordinance

An owner or handler may not keep an animal that makes frequent or long, continued noise that is disturbing to a person of normal sensibilities.
Source: 1992 Code Section 3-3-6; Ord. 031009-9; Ord. 031211-11.

South Austin Contacts:


Police Department: Officer Anthony Valderas 974-4508. Tell him the situation and he will make arrangements with his officers to monitor the situation better.

Animal Control Supervisor: Chris Robles 972-6024. He might go out and talk to the owners and explain the situation and regulations. They may want to know about the lack of interaction, though there are no regulations about interaction, other than food, water and proper medical care. Let them know that the dogs are in my yard pretty regularly and have no indication of vaccinations. Also let them know that the dogs jump the back fence (ie. are not securely contained).

For those of you who are not a part of my daily life - I'm having serious issues with lack of sleep lately, and not due to a return of my insomnia. My neighbors got some puppies a few months back and spend literally no time with them. The dogs are never allowed in the house, get no play time with their owners. The smaller one has figured out how to climb/jump the back fence and the fence into my yard so is inadequately contained. And...the icing on the cake is that around 10:30pm like clockwork, they start barking...and continue barking on and off all night long.

My bedroom window is about 15 feet from their yard. The windows are thin (not up to date triple pane or anything - these are like 1980's windows at best) and I might as well be laying out in the yard listening to them bark...all...night...long. My dogs are snoring logs and I'm tossing and turning. I've tried white noise. What didn't keep me awake, didn't block the dogs' barking or distract me from their barking. I'm exhausted by the time the weekend comes and wind up sleeping the entire day Saturday and feeling completed wiped Sunday. By the time I get my energy back, the week has started again and it's more of the same. I'm too old to be able to survive on around 4 hours of interrupted sleep a night.

Knitting content:

I received the Palette Sampler from Knit Picks last night, along with the rest of the Fleece Arist for Kate's socks, Bare for my socks and Alpaca with a Twist "Fino" in a lovely grey colour for Gloria's shawl (making her an Icarus Shawl). I really like how the Fleece Artist colourways of Raspberry and Periwinkle are working together. (I'll update this post with photos later, when I get home to where the photos are ;-)).

I got started on Kate's socks last night. One will be Raspberry toe, heel and cuff and the main portion Periwinkle. The other one will be exactly the opposite. It's got a figure 8 toe and will have a shortrow heel (maybe an afterthought, we'll see when I get there) and will be a lace pattern leg. Most likely feather and fan with an extra stitch on each side of the pattern repeat per needle since it's worked over 18 stitches and I have 20 per needle (80 around). I'm hoping 80 around will be large enough. I may have to go up to 84 around, though it seemed to be ok when I did the preliminary check this morning. I do have to say, I really like Fleece Artist, though not quite as much as I like Socks that Rock.