Sunday, August 27, 2006

Peaches and Chocolate Fini

I finished the second sock for mom. The photo is once again crappy due to cell phone photography. After tomorrow, however, I should be able to provide much better photos.

These were supposed to be a Christmas present for my mom. However, given the fact that I've finished them a bit more than a week before her birthday (unexpected), I will pack them up and ship them off as soon as they dry to be a birthday present for my mom. I'm just hoping they fit ok, and she likes how they feel. One is slightly taller than the other, which is puzzling, considering my gauge and number of rows was consistent. I'm confounded about that one. They aren't ridiculously off, just a wee bit - like the difference between on row or so. My mother will never notice and I'm convincing myself I don't mind (as anal retentive as I am - that's hard work), as I'm not about to rip them out. The wool fulled a bit already with just the first washing and getting the tail out and undoing the bind off would be...nighmare inducing. In all honesty, I doubt mom will wear them anyway. She has a bad habit of putting stuff I make on display saying it's too pretty to use. *sighs*

The yarn I spun up for her sits in a bowl that my dad turned. I kid you not. It sits in the bowl on display. **shakes head** I love her dearly. I just hope one day she realizes I make this stuff to be used, not just admired. *laughs*

Those curious can find the specifics about the yarn/pattern/etc in this post.