Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Progress - or lack thereof

I can honestly say I've made next to no progress on my projects. The fair isle socks have come forward a whopping four rows and the wedding ring shawl has stalled out at row 78. I've seemed to have lost my momentum for much of anything.

I did, however, get the yoke section of my lace side shirt completed. Not that you can really see anything with this photo; however, it's got a seed stitch neck line, simple raglan seems down to the cast off for the armhole shaping. The cast off was an interesting one. I knit one stitch, slipped it back over to the left needle and then knit two together. Then slipped the stitch back over and knit two together, etc. It gave a really interesting edge that I like a lot and has nice elasticity to it. Only about 240 rows left to go on the body. **chuckles** Even my standard, carry around cuz it doesn't take any brain power projects haven't been getting worked on. It's like I have zero enthusiasm for anything, right now. Like my whole life has kinda gone into some sort of cosmic limbo.

I really hope I get out of this funk soon. Really soon.

I did work out, legs are being quite sure to remind me of that today. It's a good thing, and something I need to do much more often. I have been slacking off in that department as well.