Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finals Finished - Whoot!!

I finished my finals up on Sunday - they were due at midnight. My professor had my grade to me, yesterday. Yes, that shows you how chaotic my life has been lately that I am just now posting about it.

I managed to get a 100 on the final, which means I ended the semester with a 98.6 gpa. Not too shabby. Now, I get to gear up for my Business Law and Algebra classes. Technically, I don't need to take the math class as I already have the transfer credits, but I'm going to be taking Statistics soon and feel it would behoove me to brush up on my mathematical thinking. Then again, as a friend pointed out, knitting is very mathematical in many ways.

My sweetie contacted me last night and we chit chatted for a little while. That was very nice. I miss him, but am happy he's getting some time away from Austin - even if it is work time. I know he's been itching to get away for a while, and given his new job status and all, getting time off isn't easy.