Monday, June 26, 2006

Colour me Bitchy

But, if I am chatting with you and you say you will be right back...don't not talk to me for thirty minutes and then log off without another word. That's just rude.

Yes, I'm completely and totally cranky about it still. Sue me. If they talk to me today (which they might not, since they're traveling) I'll most likely be cranky "to their face". Very cranky.

Of course, it doesn't help that I apparently have a gum infection and was told that I had to see my dentist to get an antibiotic 'script cuz the clinic doctors weren't able to do so. **eye roll** If they know it's a gum infection, why the hell can't they give me a 'script for antibiotics? Makes no sense. Tried calling my boss last night to get him to let me go straight to my dentist this morning and just sit there waiting for an opening so I could get the antibiotics...but, of course, he didn't answer his phone...which means, I'm here at work. I don't even really want to think about having to face down my dentist when he tells me what I already know. If I want to avoid infections, I really need to get the crown in place on this root canal. Tell that to my pocketbook so it will magically sprout the money I need for such a thing to happen, would you?

So, I'm here, in pain, cranky and really wanting to be far, far away.

On a happier note, Yarn Harlot will be here in Austin on Thursday, July 29th. (RSVP to Hill Country Weavers if you want to attend) and I'm totally going to go see her and get her to sign the books I have. I have also finished my Cultural Anthropology finals and started on a lace side shirt out of Butterfly 10 in a nice burnt orange colour. That's about it.