Thursday, May 18, 2006

Moss Stitch Socks

Well, I've finished them as much as I'm going to. I really like how the stitch looks with this yarn. Sorry the only camera I have, at this time, is not suited for real stitch defining photos.

I had, originally, planned on making them knee highs; but, I changed my mind on that. I'm already working on a set of over-the-knee socks and I don't wear really tall socks often, anyway. I tend to prefer ankle socks.

The only thing I'd consider if I made these again is to go down to a size 1 needle instead of a size 2. If I hadn't snapped all my size ones and been more interested in casting on than going and buying more needles in the monsoon blowing at the time I started these, these would have been done on size ones. **chuckles**


Cotton-Lycra sock yarn
Colour name: sherbert
Size: 2.6oz/460 yards

Size 2 US.
Clover Bamboo set of 5 DPNs

My own pattern.

Short row toe and heal, moss stitch top/leg with ss sole and 2x1 1/4" ribbing at the cuff.

Cast on 60 stitches for the toe, work down to 8 stitches, work back up to 60. Stitches divided evenly between all four needles. Moss stitch across top of foot (needles 2 and 3) and ss across sole (needles 1 and 4). Work until 3 inches from heel. Work short row heel - I took mine down to 8 stitches, but I have tiny heels, you might prefer more (don't forget the yarn stretches quite a bit). When heel is turned, decrease 4 stitches (56 stitches on needles). Work in moss stitch up to 1/4" from desired height. At that point, change to 2x1 ribbing. Cast off after 1/4" has been knit in 2x1 ribbing.

If you want to take these up over the calf, remember you have to increase or decrease in sets of four for a complete pattern increase.