Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kiri Fini

Kiri has been completed, my friends...Not without a little bit of a minor heart attack. As I was blocking it, the yarn on the castoff edge snapped. My heart stopped. I managed to patch it, but I just knew beyond a doubt that the shawl was ruined....I was wrong. The frustrating thing about mohair saved my heiny. Mohair doesn't like coming undone. Once it's been worked, it gets really happy with where it's at. This means it wasn't as catastrophic as it could have been.

If I were a type A knitter, well...the way it is now would not work. However, I'm not a type A knitter. I'm the type knitter that expects, anticpates and requires mistakes (at least one). If I want perfect, I'll get machine knitted items, tyvm. Hanging on the back of the chair like it is, now, I can't even see the patched area. If I looked at it to see what was done wrong, I'd find three glaring issues....a YO in the middle of SS that so totally should not be there, a missing YO in the spine causing the spine to take a jog, and the area that the cast off edge snapped and was patched.

I added the fringe to the shawl to help draw the eye away from the patched area - and wound up thinking that was a very, very good thing to do even if I hadn't had the patch. Funny thing is that I had literally just enough yarn left on the ball to do the fringe.

Karabella Lace Mohair
Colour #: 201
Colour name: snow white
Size: 50g/500m - 1.75 oz/540 yards

Size 7 US.
Rosewood Latern Moon straights.

Kiri by Polly with fringe added.
Finished size (sans fringe) is 61"x28".