Wednesday, April 12, 2006


For those of you who have asked, yes I am doing fine. I was doing great through the day, yesterday, except for being tired from the whack sleep schedule.

Jackie, I couldn't get an appointment that soon with my doctor. However, I'm scheduled for a Friday afternoon appointment. Thank you so much for your concern.

I will be sure to update on what the doctor says.

As for projects...I'm working two days of 3am-3pm starting tomorrow. So, I figure that's a good 3 hours of knitting here at work before the day crew comes in and makes me behave myself. **grins** So, I should get quite a bit finished on the pastel socks. I really wanted to bring in the WRS, but...well...the thought of taking that anywhere has me terrified of the possible horrific things that could happen to it. So...yah. I'll stick with the simple stuff for shoving in my bag and hauling around town. **chuckles**

Seder Plate
Hag kasher v'sameah.

May you have family around you, wine to go around, music aplenty and laughter to light the night.

L'shanah haba'ah birushalayim.