Friday, April 14, 2006

Ark update

Well, it's been a bit busier during the wee hours than I expected. However, I did manage to turn the heel of my sock (short rown down to 8 stitches - perfect fit) and I finished the first pattern of the Ark Vest (revisited).

I cast on with a provisional cast on, since I will be doing a bit of knitting in the opposite direction to use as facing on the bottom of this vest...that's the yellow you see.

Here's the pattern so far:

first motif complete

Here the Ark is, hard at work:

Ark at work

It's kinda hard to see the knitting because of the monitors hogging all the light, and such. It's felt odd having my knitting here; but, at the same time, I can honestly say it didn't interfere with my work at all. That's a complete bonus. I am reminded about why I like the night shift and am even more considering asking to be moved to that shift. Aside from the 15% pay diff, I just like third shift.

Doctor this afternoon...that I don't like so much. But, it's a necessary evil, isn't it?

Seder was wonderful and I am very happy that I went, even though it meant I go soooo little sleep.