Monday, April 10, 2006

Adventures in late night knitting

I really should be sawing logs, right now. Instead, I'm wide awake due to something that has happened two other times in my life...both times in the last two years. It's terrifying when it happens.

All three times, I had just eaten after not eating all day long. Tonight was a very protein rich meal, so it should have been a good thing. I got sweaty and feeling like I'm burning up on the inside. I looked like I'd been baking in the sun for a few minutes too long. I couldn't get the inside of me to cool down, even when laying on tile as cold as possible. I couldn't see straight, heart going crazy, stomach getting all queasy, vertigo kicking in hard. I felt drunk in a lot of ways, unable to speak clearly, thoughts going around in circles. My mind gibbering at me in terror as my body just goes completely haywire. I dropped the temperature in the house to around 60°F and went to bed. I woke up around 10pm and I have no doubt I'll be up all night.

So, knitting time. Unfortunately, I don't have very bright lights in my living room, so I'm only working on the simple projects. Aside from the lights, I'm still a little rattled from earlier. Thanks to all that's holy for knitting. It soothes the soul.