Monday, April 17, 2006

Doctors, burns and more

So, first things first. Went to the doctor Friday afternoon as instructed. The doc took my EKG (very good, very steady, very strong - anyone surprised?) and about 8 quarts of blood. Ok, ok...I exaggerate. Only 4 vials...but bah. Anyway, he's running a thyroid panel, cholesterol, CBC, anemia check, etc. He considered low blood pressure, but my blood pressure has always been wonderful so that got tossed out.

My fasting blood sugar was 124. A little high. Not obnoxiously so, but a little. He dismissed the idea of hypoglycemia or diabetes all together. I agree to a point. What my hypothesis has been is that I'm borderline. The second opinion I got on Saturday pretty much concurred with mine - and I didn't voice my opinion when I went in. I wanted to hear their unbiased opinion.

The second opinion suggested tracking my blood sugar over a period of time. Keeping a monitor handy in case I have an episode again, so that I can take my reading at that time. The reason why is because, if I am borderline, they are never going to be able to catch it unless they test me while I'm having an episode. And, given the state I'm in while it's happening, driving to the local ER is not an option.

She thinks it's that my body just freaks out when I eat after fasting (i.e. borderline but not quite there) and that the only thing I should eat is a small amount of protien, then increase to a slightly larger amount about an hour later and then eat a "real" meal about an hour after that. Kinda weening my body back into remembering how to process food.

Anyway, as I said. All things considered, all the visit to the doc proved is that I'm healthy as a horse.

This weekend was obnoxiously hot in South Texas considering it's not even May, yet. 94° yesterday and supposed to hit 100° today. I fear September (our hottest month). But, I do enjoy the heat. I rode to San Antonio with a pickup group of bikers on Saturday. Absolutely wonderful ride. I'm a wee bit pink because of it, but it was very worth it. Sunday was spent riding herd on a couple of kids and enjoying the company of my friend D and her family, having my lawn mowed, doing chores around the house and another pattern repeat on Kiri.

Only 4 more pattern repeats on Kiri and the edging and I'll be done. It's really ridiculous how long it's taking me to do, but the thing is...I hate to say...I get bored with it really fast. I find about two or four rows can get finished and then I'm ready for something else...It's the purling an entire row, you understand. I'm not sure why, but purling drives me batty. I can do it just as fast as knitting when it's all I'm doing for that row, but something about it just drives me batty.

That's about all I got done this weekend, too. Holiday weekends are horrid for me where accomplishing anything is concerned. Hopefully this week will be better about that.