Monday, April 10, 2006

Ark Vest restarted, and more

I cast on for the Ark Vest again, last night. I really do like this project and I've gotten my desire to work it started up again. I'm only 6 rows into it so don't feel it merits a photo, yet. "Nothing to see here" and all that. As soon as I finish the first pattern repeat, I'll definitely show a photo of it. I've counted repeatedly and I'm certain I have the correct number of stitches this time. Maybe I can make it through the whole thing without another visit to the frog pond.

I also cast on for the Wedding Ring Shawl. I'm taking this very slowly, especially as I have to sit outside to work on it because none of the areas in my house have bright enough light. The new Inox I got have decent enough points. Actually, one of the points is perfect, the other one is a little fat, but still gets the job done. Since all 247 stitches fit onto the metal part there's no problem, just yet. However, the join is kind of rough and I'm afraid it's going to catch on the stitches when I get around to doing the edging. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

The "no brainer, haul around town" project is a pair of socks done in a simple moss stitch, toe up pattern. I really like this yarn that I'm using for it, too. It's a Greenwood Fiberworks cotton-lycra hand-dye colourway "sherbert". I'm planning to make these knee-highs, but we will see. I felt that the moss stitch was the best choice, given the texture and colour variations in the yarn. Anything too intricate for a pattern, I felt, would be lost in the colour and possibly texture of the yarn. I might try a lace type pattern with the bright red colour I have, though. We'll see. I'm a bit further along than this, now. Almost to the heel. I did short row toes, and plan to do a short row heel.