Thursday, March 02, 2006

Quick comment response

"Frog, it'll get that nagging feeling to go away and you'll be revitalized"...I know you are right. I'm going to do it this weekend while I have the hide soaking for the drums. It's just got to go.

I cannot believe how hectic this last week has been. I've had next to no time to knit, and when I have had time it's only been a few moments here and there so pulling out a chart and trying to get through one row was unheard of. I kid you not.

I'm praying for some downtime * this weekend, even with the rollerderby and the drum orders and friends from out of town visiting...I have to find down time. I'm gonna go insane if I don't! **chuckles** Not that that's a far trip.

*down time = time spent knitting, crocheting or spinning while the rest of the world basically gets ignored.