Monday, February 27, 2006

Speed bumps...

Well, lovely weekend. I got zero work done on Kiri or the Ark or the Clover socks. The only thing that got work was Picovoli. Why? Well, because Picovoli I can do anywhere without a chart in hand. I was running around like a mad woman this weekend, when I wasn't being called out by work. When you are sitting in front of your computer trying to troubleshoot a BGP failure issue from one coast to the next, you really can't be staring at a chart and keeping count. *chuckles*

But, when it's just pure ss, you can troubleshoot to your heart's content and never have to look down at your hands. That's a major bonus. Generally only something I can accomplish when I'm crocheting. My speed is more where you can tell how new to knitting I am. Having crocheted 26 years and only been knitting a couple,'s pretty obvious which one I can do in my sleep. Knitting requires more concentration just because I haven't been doing it quite long enough for it to be something I can just ignore while doing something else. Yes, I often watch the telly or whatnot if I'm knitting a simple garter stitch or stockinette or something that is amazingly simple repeat like a 3x2 rib or whatever. But when it comes to colourwork (re: Ark and Clover) or lace (re: Kiri), I have to pay attention. Or I get really cranky. Really, really cranky.

I have to admit a big part of why I haven't done any additional work on the Ark since last weekend is because I'm torn between frogging the last three rows to get rid of those extraneous three dots of colour or just pushing on and doing duplicate stitch there. What's got me quaking in fear is that I'm totally off and I'm going to have this gaping area on one side that is glaringly missing a pattern. Prolly be best to rip it out and shift where the pattern starts by three stitches so that at least I have an equally empty space on each side. **le sigh**

I guess I just answered my question. It's froggy time. At least it's only 3 rows...maybe 4.

While Kiri is going painfully slow - a) slow knitter, b) a couple of projects and c) too much other stuff going on - it is coming along really nicely. I messed up once or twice, but the lovely thing is that the mess ups were in places that a visit to the frog pond wasn't necessary.

The clover socks look really nice, though there are some really dark sections to the copper Koigu KPM (colour 1220 on this card) that I'm using that winds up really blending into the black. Not a spectacular thing, but I'm going to keep on going. At one point, I'd thought I'd forgotten a colour stitch and realized that it was just a really, really dark spot in the copper. I really like the colour combination, and I know I will wear them. If I make these to give away or something, I will be sure to use colourways that don't have blips of colour that're too close to each other.