Sunday, February 19, 2006

SFCKAL update

First pattern completed on Ark VestWell, I've gotten the first pattern complete and am working through the second. I must have done something wrong somewhere, because I am finding that this pattern ends in an odd place. For the life of me I can't figure out what. So, I am going to have three extraneous green dots on the first color row of the second pattern. Yah, I know. Most would rip it out. Right now, I have no desire to do so. If it annoys me bad enough when I'm done, I'll duplicate stitch over it. Ugly fix, but that's the mood I'm in, right now. Probably no more work on this this weekend, as I need to dedicate some time to Kiri (which is 13" long, now - no idea how wide).

I took my best friend to Hill Country Weavers, yesterday. **chuckles** She had to stop and touch everything. Bless her heart, she's definitely well on the path to addiction. I thought she might be when she eyed the balls of Koigu KPM that I am using for the Clover socks; and, pulled the alpaca-silk blend (for a pi shawl on my list) out of my hand and started started fondling it. You really know addiction is the case when she starts complaining about having to go see her sweetie cuz she'd prefer to get home and play with her new yarn. **grins**

Clover fair isle pattern I can so sympathize....even if I'm just wishing my sweetie were here to pamper me today instead of me being at home knitting. Sacrilidge, I know. What can I say. My head's pounding and I feel utterly miserable.

Speaking of the Clover socks. I reconsidered the design and sat down and got serious with photoshop on Saturday morning. Here's the redone design. If I like how it turns out on the socks, I'm planning on using it in a sweater in ivory and kelly green.