Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lace Knitting

I've been doing lace knitting for a while now. I was explaining ring shawls to my sweetie, tonight and...Well, here's how the conversation played out:

Kilsharion: you know that lace shawl I'm making for your niece?
Sweetie: ja
Kilsharion: I just got my pattern in for my wedding ring shawl
Kilsharion: it makes the one you've seen look like child's play
Kilsharion: there are only 500 copies of the pattern available - and looking at the instructions just made my eyes cross
Kilsharion: LMAO
Sweetie: wow
Kilsharion: it's just for me, so there will be no rush in making it.

Kilsharion: that's what it looks like - kinda. heh - it's hard to get the full impact of it - but a 6' x 6' square fits through a man's size 11 ring.
Kilsharion: basically, a 6'x6' shawl will weigh around 3oz. The shawl will contain a bit under 4,000 yards of gossamer thread.
Sweetie: yeesh
Kilsharion: LOL - is that a "yeesh" of "wow, that's amazing" or "yeesh" of "you have to be insane woman" ?
Sweetie: little of both.
Kilsharion: hee hee hee
Kilsharion: well, the insanity is a bit of a given
Kilsharion: for me, it's about the challenge. Sometimes I have to do something just to see if I can. I mean, if I stayed with what I knew I could do...well...it wouldn't exactly get boring, but I wouldn't grow in my craft any, either.