Friday, February 17, 2006

Falling behind

I have gotten zero knitting/crocheting done this week. Yes, you read that correctly. Zero. Why? Well, the 8.5 hours of OT this week might have something to do with it. Or the feeling ill, or the pleasant distraction last night.

Ok...I have to recant. I did do some knitting. I started on the Clover socks (my design) and realized the needle size was just a tad too large. At least, it seemed to be. Size 3 (US) with Koigu KPM. It just seems to be wanting a size 2. Of course, ,that's after I did half of the first pattern and just didn't like how it was looking. We'll see. I am going to go pick up yet another set of size two dpns (who'd have ever thought that you'd need so many size 2s?) either tonight or tomorrow and see how that works.

Kiri is languishing gloriously, and will get a bit of work this weekend. The Ark vest is going to be my main focus this weekend, however. :-) I really want to see what it looks like completed.