Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kiri and Ark

I'm about 1/3 of the way through Kiri. I'm only going to 62" across and 30" long since it's for a 15 year old.

Kiri in progress:

The Ark vest has about 1/4" done on it. I'll snap a photo tonight if I can manage one and show y'all how it's looking. This is supposed to be hemmed after it's done to fight the rolling. I sure hope it works cuz it's rolling like nobody's business, right now. I'll also see if I can get a photo of Kiri in progress - though lace in progress always looks so....not right. *grins*

Ark vest just begun:

I think I've found someone to spin the flax for me for $2/ounce. Not bad. I'm getting it spun as DK singles. Then, I will dye it when I get it home. I'm going to send one pound at a time so I can afford to get it done. I just don't have $225 on tap, right now, to get it done in one, fell swoop. I'm also getting some fiber called "Glory" (young angora locks with some VM) from them for me to spin up at home.