Friday, February 10, 2006

Flax roving & Late night shenannigans

I have 7 pounds of flax roving and I just don't have the time right now to perfect the technique of spinning flax. It's giving me fits and I'd like to get it spun up in a DK weight type yarn. I'm more than willing to give up to 3 pounds of the fiber to the vict...err....kind soul who would be willing to do this, as well as some monetary compensation if desired. I'm not sure where to reach out for such a thing, and was curious if any of you had any suggestions?

I'd actually like to see it blended with the alpaca I have on hand, but I'm not sure that would work too well. What would be even more delightful would be to blend the linen with silk, but I don't have any silk roving of sufficient quantity to do so. So, 100% linen it is. And...well....the custom wheel I have is just not working for spinning it up....and 7 pounds on a drop spindle....I suppose I could do it that way. **ponders**

Anyway, any suggestions would be delightful.

As for yarn...I decided to destash last night. All my de-stash is going to my mom. All 20 pounds of it. **grimace** I horde yarn. I decided with all that open space in my yarn closets (I should post a picture of them) that I could put all those balls/skeins of yarn squirreled away throughout the house into the stash closets....Think again. I had no idea I had that much yarn squirreled around the house.

clover patternWhat do I do at night when I'm hypo-manic and can't sleep? Glad you asked...I came up with this for my next set of socks, I believe. I'm thinking more like copper and black for the colors. Black background and copper pattern. It's a 28 stitch/row repeat. Working on size 3 needles with Koigu, this should work out about right. If not, then I will do some minor modifications to get it to 60 stitches instead of 56. Front and back of the sock and the top of the foot having the pattern on the and the instep being stripes. The heel black and the toe either black or copper.

And, Zib: You are most welcome. I adore Eunny's pattern, and I'm glad my posting it put it where someone else saw it and found it wonderful as well.