Saturday, January 14, 2006

'splain Please?

Seriously. I've never, ever, ever understood novelty yarns. I mean...sure, it might be fun to spin up. But, I see these people on a spinning list I'm on making stuff with feathers, tinsel, bobbles, etc spun into the yarn, and the only thing I can think is, "Why?"

Point in case? Sure thing.

Seriously, what can you possibly make with this? I can't figure it out. And, even if you had something in mind - like a crazy looking throw or something, you couldn't even begin to make it with only 50 to 175 yards being the average for a plop of handspun like this. Maybe a scarf or belt? If you'd want to wear it...actually, if you could get the "bobbles" to be knitable.

Now this. Um. Words cannot express my confusion. It's beautiful just sitting there, like that. If I had this given to me, I'd have to find a cake platform, or fairly flat bowl to display it in and just let it sit for decoration. I certainly couldn't think of anything that could be made with this that would hold the beauty of it. Seriously. If you tried to make something with this, all the little bits and pieces would be scattered all over and it would look like you had knitted something up and then gone and rolled around enthusiastically in a waste bits pile in the corner of your craft room. Yet, it's for sale. And, someone will buy it. Interesting.

Now, The Redhead. That woman makes some yarn like you would not believe. She generally has to beat me off with a stick when she puts some up for sale. She's awesome enough, she'd have to beat me off with a stick regardless. *grins*

One day, I might, just might spin something worthwhile enough to post for you all to see. But, I know my shortcomings...and a great spinner, I am not. I do enjoy the process, though. And, that's good enough for me.

As for what I'm up to? Well, I had made a really nice cable pattern that I was planning on using instead of the standard cable for the scarf for my friend's birthday. However, the yarn I chose to pull from stash to attempt to make it with...well...not so much. I love the yarn, but I knew it was likely not going to be the one to use for such an intricate cabling pattern. I was hoping, though. Swatched up. Oh yah, definitely not gonna work. So. Back to the basic cable. *pouts* I just don't have time to make this scarf with smaller, more appropriate yarn to get the definition necessary for intricate cable work. It's not that intricate, but enough that a wool/mohair chunky blend (Lamb's Pride for those curious) just will not cut it. So, suck it up, and do the basics. *chuckles* I really did know it wouldn't work. But, hope lives on and swatches only take a short amount of time to do. *grins*