Friday, January 13, 2006

Decisions decisions

Well, money is tighter than I wanted it to be this month. Which, in effect, means I'm having to decide if I want to beggar myself to buy the J&S yarn for the SFCKAL. Even if I don't buy the J&S, prices are looking to be around $100 for the yarn I need to make any of the projects in the book. Which, by the way, I still haven't received. They pushed the delivery date out until the 30th. I certainly hope it gets here before then, as not having all the patterns readily available for me to be able to pick through is making things difficult, at best.

At any rate, I'll have the book on hand eventually. So, if I can't start when then KAL starts, I'll still be able to start as soon as I can afford the yarn and be able to work with the KAL gals - even if I am wicked behind.

Any suggestions for substitutions - suitable substitutions - of a less expensive nature. 1100 grams of J&S = hard on my pocketbook when it goes for $5/25 gram ball - even the $18/500 gram cone hurts. If I got the cones, I'd only be able to do a two tone faire isle. I'm really wanting to do more than that. Though I'm considering changing to the Dragonfly Vest instead of the Celtic Circles to minimize color changes.