Monday, January 16, 2006

Quinceañera - unexpected project

It looks like I might be having to drop out of the SFCKAL. Unfortunately, the money I was going to use to get the yarn for the project looks like it is going to be slated for a new, unexpected project.

The gentleman who currently graces my life with his presence is soon to be celebrating his niece's quinceañera and I am making her a shawl. It will be the Kiri shawl worked in Karabella's Lace Mohair. Color 201, dye lot 53. Um, how can white have a dyelot? On size 7 (US)/ 4.5mm circular needles.

Started this evening at 7pm. I have 11 rows done, and - believe it or not - I'm pausing for a break.

I fell and busted the absolute hell out of my ribs today and staying in any one position for long hurts. I'm so not a happy girl when I think of sitting at work tomorrow for 8 hours straight. **weeps**

At least I have fuzzy, pretty mohair to work with! A bright spot in my day.

Well, that and the sweetheart of a man getting me food again. I hold him personally responsible for this extra 10 pounds I've gained. He seems to have a proclivity for feeding me. Not that I excel at telling him no, or anything. *chuckles*