Friday, January 20, 2006

Delays, delays

Why is it that when I get determined to get something done as soon as possible, my social life suddenly becomes hyperactive? I really want to get this Kiri shawl done for the quinceañera. I told myself that in ~30 nights I'd have the shawl done, right? Wrong.

Tuesday night, I wound up seeing the guy I've been seeing the most of. A most enjoyable time, and I'm not about to complain about that in the least. However, it did mean that I got zero work done on his niece's shawl.

Wednesday night, I wound up downtown with a rowdy group of people, hanging with my friend R. I hadn't seen him in ages, and it was really nice to get some time with him and his friends. They were a great group of people. I felt a little out of sync with them all, since I don't have their background. But they were fun and friendly. I also got my ear re-pierced. Happy girl about that.

Last night, back out with the guy I've been seeing the most of. Dinner at Outback = ooooh yah. Given my very late night the night before, I passed out very shortly after he left. So, once again, no work on the shawl.

I have got to get some work done on the shawl. Got to.

I have placed my order for the yarn I need for the sweater. Here's hoping it gets in, soon. The queen of too many projects going at once, I'm sure. I just can't seem to help myself. I get bored so easily. I need a couple of easy projects and a few more interesting projects going at once to keep myself stimulated. I suppose that's a bad thing. Oh well. *chuckles*

Back to the grind stone, here at work. Thankfully, only a few more hours left and the weekend is here. **happy dance**

Edit: Sherry,

I'm sorry that I just saw your comment today.

Wrist warmers work great in our office because they keep it so bloody cold in here.

They cover the wrist section which holds a surprising amount of body heat/temperature regulation for the body, yet leave the fingers available for the more intricate work necessary - ie using a keyboard!

I'm actually planning on making myself a pair as soon as I have a couple of free hours. Somehow I seem to slide to the bottom of my priority list, most of the time, however. ;-)