Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kiri Shawl

So, I have made it to row 32. Yah, yah...really flying, aren't I? I'm a very slow lace knitter. I love the results, but it takes a lot of focus and I tend to be someone who gets distracted easily and likes multiple levels of mental interaction. With lace, it's all about the lace or I screw up in a major way and start cussing like the ex-GI that I am. I've been trying to keep my language pretty clean, lately...not that I'm succeeding, but I'm trying. I'm liking how the shawl is coming along, though I do have to admit that I'm stumped at how this is supposed to be blocked. I'm sure it will make sense to me as soon as I spread it out to block. I do know I don't have nearly enough t-pins so I'm going to have to make a shopping trip before I reach the final row.

Since this is supposed to be for a 15 year old girl, I'm not certain if I should take it the full length, or stop a bit earlier and make it a little smaller. I don't want it to engulf her; but, I don't want it too small, either. Decisions decisions. I suppose I'll worry about that when I'm a little closer to it being an issue, eh?

As for my poor, perservering pups. picture of shaved LokiWell, Loki got his shave last night. He gets one about every six months or so. Generally because my little ewok winds up dragging in half the backyard with him if I don't. He, of course, still needs some touch ups. However, I had tormented him enough by this point and figured I'd let him do his spaztastic run through the house for the night before coming after him with the shears and combs to get the final, little tufts and balance him out. Once he gets tired of sitting still for the clippers, it becomes almost impossible to keep him even.

I'm starting to park upstairs these days so I can at least get some additional exercise. I really, really need to hit the gym so that I can lose about 15 of these additional 18 pounds I have on. To be honest, I like how I fill out in certain areas when I'm this weight. I just don't like the soft, jiggly layer of fat over the muscle. That's what I want to work off. My yoga is keeping me flexible and energized; but, without a workout partner, actually getting myself to the gym is proving difficult at best.