Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bell shawl

The Bell Shawl that I was making for my niece Emily has been completed. It's about the size of a dress scarf for me, so should fit the 7 year old, petite girl decently. One can hope, anyway. It is stretched and drying, as I type. I really like how it turned out and wouldn't mind making one for myself at some point - probably even this size instead of full shawl size, as I wear scarves more often than shawls.

I also scored some Koigu KPM from my LYS today to compliment the hand dyed Wensleydale from Taylor's Fiber Fancies in the colourway of October. I really think these two will play nicely with each other using Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks "Double Spiral" mosaic pattern (p93). I have to finish up the last bit of the current sock set I'm working on.

The yarn for my vest still hasn't gotten in, but I'm hopeful it will be here shortly.

Progress has been made on the Kiri shawl. I'm really enjoying the feel of the yarn and how it's coming together. If I can just figure out how to block it when I'm done, I think this will be beautiful.