Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bartleby's sweater

It's a wee sweater. I've a few things I would change if I were so inclined to make another.

A) He's gotten chunky since I took his measurements for my notebook, so I'd increase the size just a mite going around the boy. Though, this isn't tight on him, I wanted it a bit looser than it is.

B) I'd make the back a little longer, though it is actually perfect for putting him outside because he always comes in with a backside full of crap from the yard and it short like this keeps the sweater from getting nastified....it's a little shorter than I'd like for any future projects. If that's the case, why'd I stop there? Because, he was getting offended at mom trying it on him and the whole filthy backside thing.

By the way, the poor thing is not being strangled. *snickers* He's a longhair, and his hair is poking up over the collar of the sweater. This is literally a doggy sweater, not a tunic. I suppose it's a bit short all things considered, but I like it. And as a first endeavor, it's not too bad. In my opinion, anyway. ;-)

Got another few rows done on the quinceñera shawl tonight. I'd have gotten more completed but I was rather distracted for several hours tonight and didn't get to focus on it. That's what tomorrow's for, right?