Sunday, January 22, 2006

Winter in South Texas?

Well, we have another "cold" front moving through. Thanks to the much needed rain, today, the temperature has dropped down to a whopping 48° F. Golly gee. Tomorrow's supposed to have a high of 61° F. I suppose that's chilly if you are used to living where it's perpetually 70°s or higher. However, for me, this is just now starting to feel like late fall.

Regardless of what it feels like for me, Bartleby, bless his heart, is having his bratastic moments about going outside because it's cold and damp. So, in between working on K's scarf and the quinceñera shawl, I'm working on a little sweater for him. I can't believe I'm doing this. My priorities are kinda odd, it appears.

I had to rip out - as much as mohair will rip out - the shawl last night and start over. Somehow I'd moved a set of yo's and it was looking like crap. I started over and caught up to where I'd been before I ripped it out. Good thing this isn't happening until September.

I've eyeballed the baby blanket I've been working on. Unfortunately, I worked on it while drinking one night. I know, I know. Never knit and drink. I should post pictures of how badly I messed this blanket up as a warning to all who might consider such foolhardy action in the future, but it's too horribly humiliating. So, said blanket is sitting in a ball, silently mocking me every time I walk by it. Daring me to frog it and start over.

The Bell Curve shawl is nearly finished. I figured out who I want to give it to, so that means I'm actually going to be making it a bit smaller than it would be for an adult. I've made my oldest niece something and I just sent a blanket and teddy bear for the one soon to be born, but it just dawned on me yesterday that I've made nothing for the middle one. How mean of me is that? So, I'm going to finish this up and send it to her. It's a light, powder blue so she should love it. Her older sister got a web shawl from me, so giving her a shawl as well should be equitable.

In doing my laundry today, I realized, I really do want to make myself a set of wrist warmers. They'd really come in handy at the office, and when I'm out in that cold garage doing my laundry. And, they make a nice thing to wear to keep that bit of wind out from between my gloves and my sleeves. So, another thing to add to my list of "what do I want to make for me when I get the chance?"

Anyway, back to the puppy sweater and friend's scarf. Keeping dry and warm on a cool, wet night by knitting, watching the telly and curled up with my pups. What could be better?