Thursday, January 12, 2006

Oh my. Poor pups.

Ok, now I have to admit that I do make sweaters for my little chihuahua, Bartleby. I only do it because when it drops down to around 55 or below, the little guy starts shivering like there's no tomorrow. My cockapoo, Loki, would never even begin to get one down here - though in Denver, during the winters, he would get one for the same reasons Bartleby does.

However...I cannot stress this enough...I would never, ever, ever do this to my dogs. I mean, what were they thinking? That poor Shar Pei. The blue section of it is pretty nice looking; and, if they had just stuck with it, it would have been a cute sweater. But, this poor guy looks like he got a piece of sod from the lawn stuck on his back. My word. It's just horrible.

And this one on the white pup, it's just not right. What's with the fun fur? I've never understood it. Seriously. Even as accents. I just can't stand the stuff and then putting it on something that's going to go on an animal that already has fur of its own? As if having to wear a sweater weren't insulting enough, making it obnoxious just has to be adding insult to injury.

These poor pups are probably plotting to overcome their humans while they sleep and shave them bald, stain them purple with pink polka dots, or some other manner of wreaking their revenge.