Monday, January 30, 2006


Oh...I know I shouldn't have ordered the pattern. I just couldn't help myself. I am. All my monthly revenue for my fibre arts completely expended. However, I'm the proud owner of the Wedding Ring Shawl pattern from Heirloom Knitting. I've wanted this pattern for forever, so I'm happy I finally got it.

My niece's shawl hit the mail today. It should be in her tiny hands by the end of the week. I hope.

The socks I've been working on are about finished, so I should be able to cast on for the new set soon. I'm really looking forward to how the mosaic pattern will play out with the yarn I've chosen.

Still no J&S yarn, but I'm sure it will get here soon. **positive thinking**

A bit of a poutfest is going on today. Found out that the guy I've been spending time with is going to be out of town to a conference and so will miss our every other Sunday night event. I'm being a brat about it. I'm gonna miss him something terrible. I've really gotten to where I look forward to them. Not to mention our time we spend during the week that I will miss out on. Yup. I'm pouting in a big way. It's not attractive, but right now I'm too cranky to care. **snickers**

I will take solace in the fact that I have Friday off...I have much knitting planned for the day.

I'm thrilled that my friend, Debbie, has decided to learn to crochet and knit. I spent a couple of hours with her at Kerbey Lane on Sunday, sitting outside in 82° F weather - in January, mind you. We sat out on the patio, nashed and did our thing while chit chatting. It was a completely delightful experience. She's going to be crocheting like a whiz in no time. I expect that she will run in to a bit of difficulty as she's attempting to learn both at once, but she's a talented gal and will get the gist of things very quickly. As with all new crocheters/knitters, tension is going to be her biggest obstacle. I completely enjoyed teaching, though, and am actually considering starting up a class for people on a totally adhoc basis....Just post somewhere that I'm going to be at XYZ and if you want to learn, bring yourself on by and I'll be more than willing to help. Required items for crochet/knit listed and not supplied by yours truly.

I just seems like it would be fun. *grins*