Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Police shoot and kill [naked] man in dispute

I don't care how you slice it.

There is no way in hell that a naked man could over power three - count them THREE - grown men. Not only that, but these men had pepper spray as well. I guarantee you - that spray on the privates or in the eyes - or both, for fuck's sake - would have completely incapacitated the man.

This man had no deadly weapons on him of any sort other than his own body. Not even a place to conceal one, unless he planned to shit out a gun/knife. What call did these officers have to shoot?

This is not a case of excessive force...this is a case of homicide...pure and simple. These officers were not in fear of their life. At most, they were worried about black eyes, broken noses and ripped uniforms.

I should sure as hell hope they are on administrative leave and I hope to all that's holy that they stand trial for murder. It sure as hell wasn't manslaughter. The NAKED man was shot several times...that's not unintentional act of homicide...that's a freaking "let me kill this dude" act of homicide. And there is no way in hell they could even begin to justify emotional duress...this is part of their be cool in emotionally hot situations.

And if we can't trust our officers with their guns...Shooting in self defense or when absolutely necessary I can fully support. Slaughtering a NAKED MAN? They better get more than a stupid slap on the wrist