Wednesday, April 02, 2008


You know...I don't get out a whole lot. I'm not really a social person. I don't particularly care for the press of people. Being jostled and tossed about bothers me. I like quiet, intimate gatherings if I go anywhere. That kind of thing. And, yet, people talk to me.

Wherever I go...if I'm in public for any length of time...I wind up with people just rambling at me. I don't get it. I mean, I find their stories fascinating and the fact that they will tell me the things they tell me - a total stranger - pretty interesting. However, I don't understand it.

I'm not the most...outgoing person. I certainly would not identify myself as overly friendly or approachable. Most guys will not hit on me unless they are smashed out of their minds or insufferably egotistical.

So, imagine my surprise when over the course of the last few weeks, I've had to leave my abode for various was to chase down the UPS driver who failed to deliver my package at the specified time. After threatening the wrath of G-d and other and sundry things, I got his itinerary and met him at the grocers down the road.

Since I knew I'd arrive a bit before he would, I decided to do some shopping while I waited. Now...I don't often do it, but from time to time I allow myself to splurge on sweets. Not just any sweets...but Piroulines. A very thin wafer rolled around a cream center. This center can be fudge, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut - any such thing. Quite tasty.

While I'm digging through the Pirouline tins at the market, this guy asks me about them and I try to explain what they are - really doesn't do it justice until you try one. Then he walks away. Then I see him as I'm checking out - he's right behind me. Interesting, but not unusual. He starts to chat with me and we spend the next 15 minutes beside my bike chit chatting. Nice fellow, Jim.

Then he does something that no guy does sober (or sans mega-ego) and complimented me. Told me how lovely my eyes were and then asked if I were taken. I nearly fell over in shock.

Simply put - guys don't do that. And this was the second time in a week it had happened. Though, honestly, the other one was a bit more amusing...I had pulled into the petrol station to top up the tank and snag some drinks. This older gentleman pulls up on a very nice bike. I give him a nod as I walk in - can't help it, that bike was SWEET. I make my purchases and leave. He's out fiddling with his bike...and he straightens up and says, "Could you do me a favor?"

I kind of smiled and said, "What do you need?"

He grins at me - such a wicked and most lighthearted grin that I couldn't help but respond - and he says, "Run away with me."

I couldn't help myself. I laughed. He grinned at me and I thanked him for making my day. He chuckled and waved as I drove off.

Random things like this...or like the lady who sat down beside me at the local coffee shop and just started nattering at me...I have absolutely no idea why. I was just sitting there - on my computer. Not even knitting or crocheting. And she sits down and just starts talking to me.

Or the British couple who wandered up and asked me directions...and then stood and talked to me for nearly 25 min before wandering off. I think I know more about them than I probably should, at this point...*chuckles*

Sky...seriously...I'm not radiating "come chatter at me" am I? I actually thought it was pretty much the opposite.

Ironically, I enjoy it (most of the time). I just don't understand it.

Speaking of knitting, btw, yes, I still knit! *laughs* I'm currently working on a smoke-grey Flower Basket Shawl. I literally just started it, but I'll pull it out tonight and try to get a photo to post for you.