Thursday, June 07, 2007

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Sun Sign: Taurus
Sun 17° Taurus 02'
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Moon Sign: Libra
Moon 22° Libra 12'
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Rising Sign: Aquarius
Ascendant 24° Aquarius 24'
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Your Sun Sign:Taurus
Sun 17° Taurus 02'



Key Planet:

You aren't necessarily like a Bull in a ring with a toreador. You could be more like peace-loving Ferdinand, seeking the gentle meadows filled with flowers, sunshine and natural beauty. It's only your stubbornness that can make you angry enough to charge at someone who is disturbing your peace. You Bulls are noted for your determination. You get to where you are going, not because you are exceptionally fast or clever, but because you will not be distracted from your goals.

Motto: "Take care of the senses and everything else will take care of itself.”
Greatest Strength: Your sensible outlook on life
Possible Weakness: Accepting less than you can achieve

Your Moon Sign: Libra
Moon 22° Libra 12'


The Moon in a mental air sign like Libra tends to bring objectivity to the mysterious world of emotions. This can give you a clarity about feelings that keeps you from getting swallowed up in them… but it can also make it harder to tune into your own needs. You're so conditioned to making others feel at ease that you may not deal with what's going on inside of yourself, especially if you can't put it into words. The peace and harmony that you desire is very positive as long as you're not stifling yourself to achieve it. Fairness is not just something you give to others… it's something that you need for yourself to have the kind of relationships that you want.

Motto: "I'll compromise my needs to fulfill yours."
Greatest Strength: Being objective about your emotions
Possible Weakness: Avoiding emotional commitment

Your Rising Sign: Aquarius
Ascendant 24° Aquarius 24'


Aquarius Rising gives you an open-minded outlook on life. You're not one to get stuck with traditions that don't make sense to you. That's because you're an original, a person who's looking to make her or his own mark rather than following in anyone else's footsteps. And no matter how strong your feelings are, you tend to use your mind to help you back up and see things from a broad perspective. So you tend to look cool, maybe a little detached, even when you're steaming inside. There's a friendly way you have about you that makes you very likable. But when it comes to matters of principle, you're capable of digging in your heels and stubbornly standing up for your beliefs.

Motto: "I'm friendly, but not really like to rest of you."
Greatest Strength: Understanding what's best for the group
Possible Weakness: People don't see your passion

Your Chinese Sign:The Pig


Mantra: Honesty opens all doors.

The Pig is true to his goals and beliefs. Their natural simplicity makes Pigs popular and loyal - once a friend, they'll be your friends for life. Pigs can be stubborn, but they will give in for the sake of peace. A Pig is happy to share what he or she has but needs to be the one taking the initiative in giving and wants to be rewarded for it. Sensual and energetic, she is persuasive and perceptive. The Pig sees and remembers everything.