Tuesday, June 12, 2007

1 + 1 = 3?

So, I was making the latest pair of socks...doing my normal try them on as you go along thing. You know? I knit toe up, so I try them on as I go along. Always get them to be perfect length and such. Well. The foot is great. The leg is great. However, right over the top of my heel (if you've ever knit socks, you know exactly where I mean) is tight. Not so tight I can't get the sock on - but tight enough I don't want to wear them. **pouts** Thankfully, I make short socks. I refuse to rip all the way back. Which means....I'll be making three this "pair" instead of just two...The nice thing about the Jaywalker pattern, though, is that it is utterly mindless so it takes no time at all to do.

I am making modifications to it, of course. Working 60 stitches over the foot and then increasing to 68 for the leg. No, not because I have some wonky size differential, but because the stretch factor of stockinette is significantly more than that of the ripple pattern. The problem is that I should have started my increasing about 4 to 6 rows before the heel. Most of the time, I increase right after putting in my afterthought heel. Due to how snug this is, I need to increase before the heel so that it fits snug, but not too tight over the top of the heel.

I love how the yarn looks and the sock looks great except for that one location. So, I know that I will love the final product...now to go make two more socks.