Monday, April 02, 2007

Pet Food - Real Food

Food recalls suck. Particularly ones that affect those you love. In this case, I am worried about my puppies. I fed them Nutro. Nutro dry is not one of the foods being recalled; however, it has just spurred me on to break away from the whole dog food thing. I've never been a huge fan anyway.

So, at least I will start eating right, again.

How do those two go together? Well, I'm really bad about getting to the grocery store to feed just myself. I tend to just grab something quick and not worry about it. This, of course, means I don't eat correctly...not like I do when I have someone to cook for. I love to cook for others, for myself I tend to be really blah about the whole cooking thing. I just don't eat enough to make it worthwhile.

However, now that I'm going to be shopping for the boys and cooking for them anyway...well, you see how that works.

So, what will I be putting in their "custom" meals? Ground meat, veggies (carrots, peas, potato), cottage cheese, rice and sardines. Yup - talk about not something I'd want to eat. However, it's healthy and nutritious for them.

And, since I'll get the meat from a local butcher who only carries meat from local people and the veggies from the local fresh market...I'm pretty content that it will be healthy for them...and what do you know, it will wind up being healthy for me too.