Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wonderful Saturday

I got to spend a great Saturday with a wonderful gal today.

My day started like most any other Saturday. Getting up at 6:30 to let the pups out - no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get them to understand that weekends means I get to sleep in. Puttering around the house until 9:30 am and then getting ready and heading to my knitting group at Cafe Caffiene. The gals there are always wonderful.

One that I always look forward to seeing in particular is Erika ((waves)) who has joined in on the Dulaan project ((YAY!)). Not that I don't enjoy all the ladies there, several in particular, but Erika is one I keep chattering with about hooking up outside of our knitting meetings.

After playing "show and tell" with some non-knitters at the coffee shop who wanted each of us to show them what we were working on, and a couple of hours of great conversation with the rest of the knitters, Erika went home to gather one of her spawn and I hit the corner shop to pick up a quick bite and some molasses. ((I'm gearing up to make orange and gingerbread cheesecake next week))

We took her oldest to "Ninja Camp" and then headed up to Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe. She'd never been and I was really looking forward to introducing her to my favorite yarn shop in the area. She ooh'd and aah'd appropriately and behaved herself ((as well as can be expected when faced with such temptations)). She's promised to attempt to make the Lover's Vine socks following my pattern. I guess we'll see how badly I messed up as she struggles through my rather...not so intuitive....pattern.

She also got some absolutely lovely yarn to start a Clapotis. I can't wait to see how it works up for her.

Me? I was ((gasp)) a good girl. I had gone there to get a 42" or so circular in size 0s since my current set is occupied on another project. I ripped out the mister's sock that I had started...Why? Well, I found some great, black superwash at the shop. So...three balls of superwash black, a set of needles and I'm good to go to start my two at once. I'm hoping I can get them finished by Christmas, but if not - they'll be a great V-day present.

Erika's oldest is just adorable. She held my hand on the way in to "Ninja Camp" and chattered and joined in on the conversation and just overall enforced her mom's stories of what a great kiddo she is. I almost wanted to take her home with me.......though I think Erika might have taken exception to that idea. ((grins)) What a great kiddo.

On that note. I'm dosing myself heavily with ibuprofen and going to go lay down. I appear to be working on a mother of a headache.... was such a great day.