Monday, December 18, 2006

Big Feet!

In making An tUasal's socks, I have discovered just how big my man is. I am just boggling at how much yarn it is taking to make his socks. I kid you not. It is taking as much yarn to make his socks as it does to make myself a halter top.


It makes my brain hurt to contemplate. I mean....I knew he was big. I

So sorry there has been next to no posting, lately. But I've been working on this one project.....

Yes. Just the one.

It's black.

It's frustrating.

It's not going to be done in time for Christmas.

However, I did manage to get him a full set of Anton Chekov's work as well as another Turgenev - the novel "First Love". I know he's going to love those.

So. I'll shove the sock on his foot and see how poorly it fits, make adjustments and then complete the pair. I figure finishing them will be his Valentine's present. **snickers**

He took me to lunch today. We needed that. He's such an amazing guy. I've been blessed with the men in my life. My son is just amazing. A child that just blows stereotyping right out of the water. And An tUasal is just...he's such a "macho man" in so many ways...yet quite a bit deeper than that. Even if he does earn the title Captain Oblivious from me from time to time. He's a good bloke with a great heart and always willing to listen when you knock him upside the head for missing the "obvious".

Happy holidays to you all, in whatever form or fashion you choose to participate - that includes attempting to ignore all the "holidaying" going on around you.