Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Between the Worlds

We all begin, somewhere, some when.
The mysterious force we name Life
Calls us forth from the Beyond,
And out of the womb we emerge,
Hail and Whole,
Screaming our triumphant return

Life calls to us, and we answer
Challenging and brave, timid and scared
Loving and peaceful, hating and spiteful
Every emotion known to humanity swarms
Through the mercury of our souls, and
We scream our response to the Call of Life.

Then the forces turn, and the
Beyond shows that it has not loosened its hold
From within the folds of the ether
Comes that One. Beauty unrivaled,
Compassion and Grace defined.
The One who dances with Life and
Endures and Exceeds all Time

As we pass through this world,
We experience and learn,
Taking our knowledge with us to
The Summer Lands.
As Death entices us over
The Threshold, we enter the ether

Becoming fully one with the Cosmos,
Experiencing everything and nothing,
Perfect balance, and
Beginning again, we enter Life,
Screaming our triumph
Howling our challenge.

I have returned unto Life -
That great and wondrous force.
I have passed through Death -
That equalizing balance.
I have continued. I will endure.

For, are not my sisters and brothers
None other than Ra, Kali, Chronos,
Athena, Diana, Apollo, Zeus, Lugh
The Gods and Goddesses
Walk between the worlds.

And I?
I walk amongst them.

Poem by: Kilsharion C GreyMoon
(Yes, it is copyrighted all nice and legal like. Ask for permission to use it.)

The art was gracious allowed to be used by Jeanne Robinson of the Stardance Project. If you haven't heard of this or taken time to read about it, give it a look. The Stardance Trilogy written by Jeanne and Spider Robinson was something I much enjoyed when it first came out - check it out, it's worth the time. It's fascinating. I sincerely hope to see the film project come to fruition.