Sunday, October 15, 2006

Knit Out 2006

Thanks, ladies, for the fun time. Here are some photos from later in the day:

I loved meeting the "bloggals" as I think of you. *grins* I realized when I got home that only the two knitters had given me their blogs. What about you, Ms. Crochet? *grins*

Sorry that I pretty much stayed stuck in my chair with the exception of the quick run to get caffeine, or show off my Lover's Vine Sock. I wasn't very sociable. *hangs head* I do thank you all for the sweet and kind comments about my shirt and sock. You all are the best bunch of gals.

I had a lot of fun, even if I was half-snoring through the day. I got a bit of spinning done, though not a whole lot...and not much knitting at all. But it was a blast. Next year, hopefully, it will not be happening the day after (or of depending on how you want to look at it) a network upgrade.

Audrey made a lot of progress on starting her first sock, then ripped it all out and decided to give it a go with larger needles and yarn. You go girl!

Chris is going to make the Generic Toe-Up Sock. I have faith in her! She's got half the process done with short rows, and I know she'll get the other half done. Just remember, Chris....don't think so much. There's a rhythm to knitting, and once you find it, it all falls into place.

Judy A. is gonna rock dah, I loved that yarn she is using for the cuff down. I may have to go get myself some. I don't know how much she's goin to get done over the next few weeks. She's a short term nanny and the next few weeks is full of newborn and toddlers.

I got to spin a little bit and visit a lot. I went home, and contrary to my intended homework time, I passed out hard. Slept through until 6 this morning! Twelve hours of sleep. Wow.

It looks like Friday Night Knits (knitting/crocheting) will happen at Borders in the Westgate shopping center (Austin, TX)around 6:30pm until we find the name & location of the knitter owned cafe down on Old Manchacha. I considered my place, but after poor Judy A left with half of Bartleby attached to her clothing last time....maybe that's not such a good idea.

I promise, gals, all those patterns will be's the pending list:

Easy as Pie Toe-up Sock
Lover's Vine Sock
Midnight Flair Skirt
Rusted Paneled Tunic