Monday, September 04, 2006

What have I been up to?

I figure I'll take the time in this post to make up for all those posts I've done sans pictures, so prepare yourself. *grins*

On Thursday night, I gathered at Borders with the wonderful gals of the Lonestar State Knitters (pictured to the left). They are an absolutely wonderful group of ladies. Very chatty, very supportive. I went home from the Borders meet up and flopped on the couch, as is standard and my two helpers immediately joined me.


I kinda blew through Friday without really being cognizant of the day existing, though I had a few amusing emails and txt messages that I remember. They still make me giggle. A rather heated fight with someone I considered a friend and really doesn't merit mentioning, but it was a significant portion of the night, so...anyway...Saturday morning found me gearing up to meet my best friend, Debbie, at our regular hang out, Kerbey Lane Cafe. I got to finally give her her birthday present and she gave me mine. **grins** We won't get into how far removed our birthdays are. I absolutely love mine. A wonderful cell phone case.

Chilled and watched the Auburn vs. WSU game. War Eagle!

Later that night I hooked up with Kate, Chris and Christina for dinner at Curra's. A fun time, indeed. I wouldn't have minded hitting downtown with them, but I guess I just don't keep up with the Joneses so well anymore. I went home and knitted a bit more and then crashed out for the night.

Got up Sunday for my dose of PowerBlock and more knitting. Yup, you read that right. PowerBlock and knitting. They go well together. **snickers**

I finished up the second sock and started on the Harald watchcap for my dad (this guy looks so much like my dad it's downright scary). Right around row two of the cap, Kim from Duncan Ryan out of New Zealand called for an interview. Just as we started talking, the rain started coming down. Delightful!

The interview lasted about an hour and then I called my dad and, as most of our conversations go, we talked for a couple of hours. It was a good night. I headed to bed at a decent time and got up to head to work this morning...*sighs*

This morning. Do I have to remember this morning? I suppose I do. I finally did what I knew I was going to do ever since my landlord's mother moved in with him. I hit her car (SUV) while backing out of the drive this morning. I hardly did anything to her SUV, but my car got a nice dent in the hood and the RH light unit busted out. I can most likely fix the body work without too much pain, and the unit I managed to find for $50 instead of the $120 I was afraid of. A huge relief.

My landlord's mom said that the damage I saw on her car had been there before, with the exception of a small dent. So, I'm sanding it down, doing a touch of body work and painting it for her. She's cool with that and that's the extent of it. But what a way to start the morning. On the way in to work, my transmission started slipping bad too. And the hits keep coming. *grimace*

I got to spend a little time knitting at work today on the Harald Watchcap so it wasn't a completely horrid day. I hope to have it done by the end of the week. It's being worked in an absolutely lovely yarn that I plan on using again someday. I had the hardest time finding any information on the yarn used by the author, Elsebeth Lavold, in Viking Patterns for Knitting. However, digging around I found some Cascade Pastaza. It's 50% llama and 50% wool and very, very soft. I'm using a really nice, iced grey and I adore it. I'm seriously considering making a ribbed shell out of it.