Friday, September 08, 2006

Nervous Wreck

This Saturday is the day that the Kiri Shawl goes to its intended recipient. For those of you who don't remember, this is the finished product:

I see all the errors in it with glowing neon brilliance and on more than one occasion tried to convince my sweetie to just burn the thing. He just laughed at me and said he was sure she would love it. I just know this is a huge occasion and it's a 15 year old receiving it...and I'm being my typical panic ridden self and worrying like mad that she'll think to herself, "What the hell?" **laughs** Yup, I'm not going to calm down about this until I have his affirmation that it was well received...and a picture of her wearing it and not looking highly pained would be nice as well.

I've made some progress on the Harald Watchcap, but I have to say that the instructions for the cables had me doing a wee bit of research. I'm liking how it's looking in the grey, though - absolutely.

Pallete sampler is on its way to my domicile as I type. Looks like I'll be starting the log cabin before month's end.

I've finally determined what I'm doing with my skirt and may start on it again this weekend, I'm not certain...and am back to a whopping row 6 on the WRS. After having to start over twice on ths project, I have to say I'm losing some of my enthusiasm for it. However, I keep reminding myself how much I'm going to adore the final project.

My lace panel shirt is to the decrease stage for shaping. I'm trying to decide if I want to take it down to the hip area as a tunic or if I want to keep it standard length. I have a ways to go before I have to make that final decision, and goodness knows I've got more than enough yarn no matter which choice I make. **grins** I still shop for knitting projects as if they were crochet projects. In other words: I always have a lot of yarn. It's very, very rare that I push to the edge of my available yarn, and never have I run out. **snickers**

I have Kate measuring her feet so I can get started on her socks.  She bought some lovely Fleece Artist that I look forward to using.  Yup - a massage and her buying the yarn = handmade socks. **grins**

Anyway - back to the insanity that is my job, today. I slept so tense last night (yes, I really am nervous about her liking the shawl) that I have a headache that is making my stomach rebel...and we have 9500 circuits to rebuild manually's gonna be a long day.