Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Good or Bad? Only Time Will Tell

For those of you who haven't picked up on it, I enjoy MMORPGs (when I have friends playing them with me). I currently have accounts on DAoC, WoW (really don't like that game, but my friend does - so...) and Eve Online.

My friends from DAoC are making noises about bailing to Warhammer when it comes out the Fall of 2007. I can see this as being a fun thing, as I've played the board game and the computer game....MMORPG would be a natural progression. However....

In reading up on the game, I came across this tidbit (given I work right down the road from EA, it really caught my attention)......EA is slated to aquire Mythic. I'm not at all certain how this will play out. While the realtively small Mythic could do wonderfully if left "alone" and given the financial backing of EA, I have to wonder what effect EA will have on the "quality" of Mythic. This could be a good thing, bringing about radical changes and helping the team to actually meet the demands of their customer base (ie. the players) or it could spiral downhill really quickly.

Given the fact that EA is the leading interactive gaming company in the world, I'm hoping and praying for the latter. However, as we all know - bigger does not necessarily mean better.

Anyway, to tantalize those of you who care....

Check it out here: