Monday, March 27, 2006

New toys

My stitch markers are in the mail! I can't wait until they get here. 28 stitch markers made specifically for my Wedding Ring Shawl project. 27 markers are wedding ring charms and the round marker is a pink quartz heart. **happy dances** Silvergoose does such wonderful work. All my stitch markers have been from her and I was thrilled when she accepted my special commission. I can't wait until they get here. I'll even post pictures with my camera phone (since my camera is still on the fritz) I'm that excited.

I'm almost done with Picovoli and I've gotten another pattern repeat done for Kiri. I found out that the kiddo I'm making it for is about 5'4" and slender. I figure making it 60" tip to tip is about where I want to go. If I go larger than that, it will be more like a blanket than a shawl.

The ark vest got cast on, again, as of last night. **deep breath** let's do it right this time, eh? **chuckles**

I'm doing a plain, garter stitch shawl for my mom, instead of the pi shawl I thought about doing. I want something fairly mindless, right now, with work kicking my butt. It's actually working wonderfully with this yarn. It's EuroFlax Originals (formerly Barcelona) in Mellon Mix. I swear it looks like aged copper with how it's working up and catching the light. My mom's gonna fall in love with it as soon as she sees it. Regarless that it's a simple pattern.

R1: k3,yo,k to three stitches from the end, yo, k3.
R2: knit

Can't get much simpler than that. Worked on size 8 Denise circulars. I did a cast on kinda like how you start the Kiri shawl. I really like how it's looking. Three skeins should render me a nicely sized shawl that looks nice, is great for Alabama spring and fall evenings and is in a colour my mother will adore. The garter stitch even looks nice without being blocked. When I did a practice block of it, it looked even nicer. And, I absolutely love how linen feels after it's been beaten up a bit. After I finish making this, I'll be tossing it in the wash with a couple of tennis balls and beating the heck out of it before I block it. It makes the linen so soft, and the drape is just wonderful.

The clover socks have been languishing even more pitifully on the corner of my coffee table. I swear they were waving those dpns most threateningly this morning. I think I need to give them a wee bit o' time this eve.