Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Where does the time go?

Well, I had the best of intentions last night. However, I was quite pleasantly distracted until quite late. I really do love getting to see him, but it sure makes focusing after the fact nearly impossible. Suffice to say, absolutely no knitting got done last night. Not even one stitch.

I suppose it's a good thing this shawl doesn't have to be completed until the end of August, eh?

EDIT: It's raining. This is soooooo much caca. You do realize that the recipe for a rainy day is curling up on the couch and knitting for hours? You do realize that what is not called for is going to the gym and busting your heiny for two hours? *le sigh* Yet, here I am at the end of my work day gearing up to make my obligatory appearance at the gym because I now have a workout partner that is keeping me honest. **grumbles and heads out the door**